Insulating Walls Without Removing Drywall: Is It Possible?

Injected foam insulation is the answer to insulating walls without removing the drywall. There are several types of injectable foam available, including the RetroFoam product. These materials don't require the drywall to be removed from your home. If you're looking to insulate your walls with expandable foam insulation, you can do it without any problem.

Aerosol foam is perfect for insulating walls with cavities, as some small holes can be drilled in the wall, which can be easily repaired later. The aerosol foam insulation is then injected into the cavity. A good way to know when it's full is to feel the backpressure in the hole. That's because your roof is where additional insulation has the most positive impacts on your home. Insulating a loft under the roof is always a good starting point when you want to insulate your house without touching the drywall.

If you're renovating or moving to a new home, it's crucial to make sure you have good insulation. Whether you decide to insulate your home yourself or hire a professional to take care of it, it's absolutely essential to remove the old insulation first. If you choose to hire a professional insulation company, ReEnergizeCo serves homes in Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Arvada and throughout the Front Range. However, from damaging drywall to creating the conditions for mold to grow, the long-term cost of installing spray foam insulation yourself can be high if something goes wrong. Drilling and filling is a great option if you need to insulate walls without tearing down existing drywall.

This means that spray foam is more expensive than other types of insulation, but the energy savings make it very cost-effective. Although you can add spray foam insulation yourself, the real question is whether you should do it yourself. These are many considerations that a DIYer should consider when budgeting for an improvement in the insulation of their home. That said, the savings you'll enjoy on your energy bill depend on you installing the right amount of the right type of insulation in the right areas of your home. A big advantage is that aerosol foam has the ability to prevent mold and mildew, compared to other insulation methods, such as fiberglass and loose filler.